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“The Sandbox” Screens Worldwide

Meticulous' debut animated film, Sunaba (or The Sandbox) has been screening worldwide since it’s debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival in September 2005. Recent stops have included Portugal, the Czech Republic, Brazil, and Germany. You can now watch it online as well! Read More »


John Athayde

John Athayde is an artist, filmmaker, musician, traveler, and designer. When he is not emotionally attached to a website, he is building theatre sets, making films, writing and performing music with Rotoscope, or any number of other activities. He hopes to soon add a chocolate Labrador to his family.

Prior to Meticulous, John ran the DC wing of RTKL's Liquid Media team - the group responsible for 3d visualization and new media in the then fifth largest Architecture/Engineering firm in the world. He ran the Creative Department at InPhonic, ran UI/UX consultancy "Hyphenated People" with Amy Hoy, and was the main Design Guru at InfoEther. He's dabbled for years with visual effects production pipelines. He spends more time with his laptop than is probably good for his health. In the fall of 2005, he and Kory debuted their proof of concept animated short, The Sandbox, at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival.

John is a member of the DC Chapter of the AIGA, The AIA (American Institute of Architects), and also a member of ASCAP. He holds a Master's degree in Architecture from the Catholic University of America.

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