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“The Sandbox” Screens Worldwide

Meticulous' debut animated film, Sunaba (or The Sandbox) has been screening worldwide since it’s debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival in September 2005. Recent stops have included Portugal, the Czech Republic, Brazil, and Germany. You can now watch it online as well! Read More »


Justin Hankins

Everyday, Justin Hankins finds something that frustrates him. A long line at the grocery store... an instruction manual written in moon language... a restaurant menu that is bigger than the table at which he's sitting. It's these obnoxious moments in life when Justin thrives - put simply, he's committed to solving the problems of poor customer experiences.

After abandoning the dream of professional ice hockey during his stay at Western Michigan University, Justin Hankins moved on to help large e-commerce ventures make their sites attractive, usable, and functional, in order to facilitate good customer experiences. He's also strategized Direct-Email marketing campaigns, Banner Advertising initiatives, and the re-launching of company brands, ranging from mom & pop shops, to major Fortune 500 players.

Justin Hankins, more than anything, is a problem solver. He's a visionary. Justin knows where opportunities lie for you, and how to help you take advantage of them. He can also play a mean game of foosball.

Justin's sugar-mama is a cute blonde who loves pandas. She works in an emergency room and fixes broken people.

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Next Goal

  1. Become a rock star.
  2. Buy Leather pants.
  3. Reach legendary rock status.
  4. Start in a VH1 behind the music.
  5. Buy my mom a house.
  6. (not necessarily in that order)