The Sandbox screenshot

“The Sandbox” Screens Worldwide

Meticulous' debut animated film, Sunaba (or The Sandbox) has been screening worldwide since it’s debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival in September 2005. Recent stops have included Portugal, the Czech Republic, Brazil, and Germany. You can now watch it online as well! Read More »


Sara J. Flemming

the west coast contingent, sara has the best hair of the group.

when she's not shackled to one Meticulous project or another, she's off somewhere photographing something weird, like sushi, in macro mode. seriously. currently, she has a Corporate Job, but it's not as bad as you think; she works with some of the coolest people ever over at the big 'e' and she's been there long enough to be 2/3 vested. woo!

you wouldn't know it from the lack of proper capitalization in this bio, but sara's actually a graduated english major from UCLA. eschewing (see!) title case is her way of distinguishing between formal and informal correspondence; which isn't to say that this isn't formal, but she's trying to be different -- just let her have it.

what she actually does: "coding," photography, brand development, the funny.