The Sandbox screenshot

“The Sandbox” Screens Worldwide

Meticulous' debut animated film, Sunaba (or The Sandbox) has been screening worldwide since it’s debut at the Los Angeles Film Festival in September 2005. Recent stops have included Portugal, the Czech Republic, Brazil, and Germany. You can now watch it online as well! Read More »

2012 Olympic Bid Renderings (DC/Baltimore)

2012 Olympic Bid Renderings (DC/Baltimore)

Completed March 2002

Released/Premiered April 2002

Meticulous was approached by the 2012 Chesapeake Coalition and their primary Architect, HNTB, to create a series of photo montages for their bid addendum. Meticulous assembled a team of Architectural modelers and film compositors (who had worked on "Final Fantasy" and "The Matrix II and III") to create a singular look for seven shots. These shots were completed in two weeks with the team working literally around the clock in various locations to bring the project to fruition. Shots are released as they are shown to the public by the client. Click on the thumbnails to see larger versions of the photographs