Meticulous' Usability Prix Fixe

Your users should love your product.

You've got an application or a website. You know there's something in the experience that could be better. It's affecting your conversion rate (and therefore your bottom line). To your customers, a difficult experience is a reason to look elsewhere. You've got a pretty good experience, but pretty good isn't good enough when you're losing your shirt to your competition.

You may not even know what the problem is.

Does this decribe you?

Hiring a new employee to handle this for you is expensive and time consuming.

You're not only dealing with their salary, but all the associated overhead. That's probably over $150k when all is said and done for a year.

A big-budget consultancy could help you but you need help fast and money doesn't grow on trees.

If you don't do anything, what money are you missing out on? What customers aren't using your app or site because there's an easier alternative? What's the opportunity cost of losing that potential customer?

Here at Meticulous we've been looking back at a great 2012 and looking forward to our busy 2013 we've got something to help make your new year a successful one: the fixed-price deal.

For a flat rate, you can choose either:

  • The Inspector

    Get a deeper understanding of what is going on in your application or website. We will explore and analyze your entire application1 and deliver to you a detailed report including a written analysis (including callouts and sketches) and actionable suggestions for improvement, helping you improve your business. Topics considered include application structure, flow, individual screens’ usability and layout, insights about targeted users, and aesthetics (aka “the pretty”).

    This is ideal for teams who don't quite know where to begin or what might be hurting their application or site.

  • The Drive-by Design

    Get a full page redesign from the ground-up to help improve your business. We will explore your application, and thence, with that knowledge, take any single, full page of your choosing and redesign it from the ground up to be more effective. In this case we deliver to you a fully-realized design, original design source files (PSDs) and a written explanation of our recommendations for that page and its situation in the entire application.

    This is ideal for teams who have a particular trouble spot in their application, such as conversion in a check-out flow or a widget (e.g. a video player or similar element).

  • The Fashionista

    Get an interface look and feel upgrade to raise the aesthetics of your site or application. We help you with your overall application's style. Using Twitter Bootstrap and not sure where to go? Does your app get ripped to shreads by Heidi Klum every time it steps out for the Project Runway review? We'll take your app, provide you with Style Tiles and overall design direction as well as standard elements (PSD/Sketch, SCSS) to get your app moving forward

    This is ideal for teams who have a UX person on staff but are stuf with Twitter Bootstrap or haven't been able to get to the polish level in their user interface.

The price, which is fixed

The price for either package is just $4000 USD. If you'd like further details, drop us a line on our contact form with your prefered method of contact and we'll give you a prompt return call or email.

Your usability problems could be a thing of the past. Let us help you get your business where it needs to be.

1 This assumes a fairly typically sized application: similar to or bigger than Basecamp, smaller than Salesforce.