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Rebuilding the Rails Guides

Bringing a New Look to the Essential Ruby on Rails Guides

31 Mar 2024

Meticulous teamed up with the Rails Foundation to redesign the Ruby on Rails programming framework documentation guides. While the framework site had been updated recently, the Guides were still running on a setup from 2009. Meticulous shipped our first Rails-based project in late 2005, right around the release of version 1.0, and we've been avid users of the framework ever since.

We partnered with Amanda Perino from the Foundation and various core team members and community members to deliver a new, clean layout. We worked with the team and volunteers to improve the site's legibility and usability while integrating the Rails brand look and feel into the Guides.

Software is all about collaboration, and this project was successful with the great feedback and suggestions from community members in pull requests and code reviews. 

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